Alien - RDWC XL system - 16 x 30L

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Alien - RDWC XL system - 16 x 30L

Check out the new Alien RDWC* or *Recirculating Deep Water Culture hydroponic system which is a hydroponic growing method for growing plants with roots submerged in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution.

How does an Alien RDWC hydroponic system work?

By using the Alien RDWC hydroponic system, you can optimize your plants' growth potential to the fullest due to the super oxygenated nutrient solution, which is constantly recycled by a pump. The constant circulation of water delivers essential nutrients to the roots, optimizing root health and increasing the efficiency of nutrient uptake.

It is important to note that the PH and EC levels are continuously maintained.


Alien™ Recirculating Growing Systems are an innovative and robust design for those who want to grow high yielding plants. The Alien RDWC system allows you to maximize cultivation potential thanks to the super oxygenated nutrient solution that is constantly recycled around the system by a pump. The 30 liter RDWC hydroponic systems are joined together with a row of hoses and fittings. This allows the free-flowing system to continuously circulate the nutrient solution several times per hour. The larger diameter tube was installed to combat the problem of root blockage.

Air lines are connected to each pot to aerate the solution.

The 30 liter kits use pumps that run quietly.


The pots have pre-punched holes. With each system, a pair of quality pipe cutters are supplied. No other tools are needed. We use our own specially designed eyelets to ensure secure and watertight connections.

Benefits :

  • Recirculation Systems DWC
  • Super oxygenated nutrient solution
  • PH Uniform & CE
  • No support required
  • 32mm hose and fittings
  • No electronics, plug and grow
  • Measuring systems available in all sizes
  • Can be used with water coolers

The kit includes:

  • Number of complete pots: 16
  • Capacity: 16 X 30L
  • Air pump
  • pipe cutter
  • eyelets
  • Piping

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