Alien - RDWC Black series system - 4 x 20L

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RDWC system - 4 x 20L

The latest generation of ALIEN® RDWC systems introduces many new features.

Fittings are now threaded and secured with rubber washers and nuts, making it easier to install and move the system. Sturdy clips on the sides of the pots allow it to be lifted off the ground.

The hydroponic baskets have been significantly improved and are now made from the Supersoft™ material to prevent possible root damage. The square design is suitable for rockwool cubes, but remains circular on the outside, so rotation is still possible. The base includes a raised grille to slightly raise the system to prevent it from becoming too saturated.


The new Jet-Stream™ turbines have been designed with Deep Water Culture in mind and deliver high pressure while maintaining low noise and power consumption. They have a double noise reduction system and the twin air chambers produce a large amount of air at high pressure.


Optional tank

Alien recommends a 120L tank for this system.


Benefits :

  • Complete kit ready to use
  • Improves plant oxygenation
  • Reduces the vegetative phase
  • Uniformizes pH and EC
  • Easy to install


  • 32 mm threaded connections
  • Jet-Stream™ air pump included
  • Water pump included
  • Sturdy pots
  • Raised pipes
  • Supersoft™ Square Hydroponic Baskets


  • Modular dimensions from:
    1.1 x 0.7 m to 1.36 x 0.96 m
  • System volume: 75 L
  • Hailea HX-8810 1050L/h water pump
    - 19 mm connector - 20W
  • Air pump JET-35
    35L/min - 20W

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