Alien Hydroponics - Camo Tank - 120L - Tank for Alien hydroponic system

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Alien Hydroponics Camo Tank


Reflective mylar hook-and-loop lid

The lid is reflective Mylar so heat won't enter the reservoir and reach your nutrient solution.


Entry and exit holes

Holes are present on the cover for the inlet and outlet pipes.
Caps allow them to be closed completely.


Volume indicator

The Camo Tank is graduated inside the tank to easily know the amount of water present inside.

Locked valve thread

Thread locked in position directly at the factory to limit the risk of leakage when you connect a tap.



  • Capacity: 120 Liters
  • Dimensions: 800 x 400 x 400mm
  • Tank made of high resistance PVC material
  • Steel structure and aluminum corners
  • Camo pattern

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