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Air vase is a vase-container suitable for plants and trees that do not require standing water, is made of recycled HDPE, a material that is 100% environmentally friendly.

Thanks to its conformation performance is able to ensure the plant countless benefits, especially preventing the circling roots and guiding them in an optimal engraftment post-transplant.

Its outer side is constituted by rounded cones, pierced centrally, able to activate the mechanism of said self-pruning of the roots, which consists in the pruning of these in contact with the air. It thus promotes the development of a new root system more stringy and more consistent, as well as to avoid all the processes of spiraling.

On its inner side, consisting of many conical protuberances, but not perforated, provide a guide to the roots that will improve their quick and efficient engraftment post-transplant.

Thanks to this advanced system able to forge an ideal root system, you will have sole and exclusive advantages, such as to revolutionize the nursery:

- Plants exceptionally strong and healthy
- Times are significantly reduced growth
- Blooms is considerably better in terms of quality and quantity
- Increased absorption of nutrients, due to increased oxygenation of the substrate
- Removed stress transplantation, with complete success rate of these close to 100%
- Revolutionary and exclusive anti-breakage, constituted by a sturdy reinforced conical which, integrated in the bottom of the pot reaches the ground. In this way you will not have to worry about any heavy substrate.
- Thanks to its comprehensive and easy opening can be reused several times the pot, because it will rarely be damaged during operation nurseries (first transplants), as is usually done using standard containers; more so will the economic benefits
- Last but not least important advantages involve storage and transport, thanks to its modular nature and compact

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