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Rhino Skin - The ONE Thing You Need to Strengthen Your Crop and Support Massive Bud Weight
Rhino Skin is rich in silica ingredient that your cannabis plants must absorb if you want to build a solid structural foundation.

Which is why when you add silica to your garden, you’ll
• Fortify your cannabis plants, protecting them from heat, drought, disease, and other abiotic "environmental" stressors
• Help stalks and stems to stand up straighter, so they can easily support heavier, bulkier flower
Shield your plants with a coat of armor, so they can focus on producing bigger, lusher yields instead of expending energy on day-to-day survival
• Help to prevent excessive moisture loss through the plants’ cell walls

No doubt about it, when you enrich your garden with silica, they’ll have the strength they need to spoil you with massive rewards come harvest time.

Rhino Skin - The Most Effective, Concentrated Silica Additive for Cannabis
Rhino Skin features just the right amount of potassium silicate for your plants, so they can
• Successfully withstand changes in the environment
• Support the weight of bulkier, heavier flowers
• Focus their attention on crucial growth processes

Use: 2 mL/L of water

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