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Advanced Nutrients has gone to great lengths and invested thousands of hours in developing the best products for organic farming, and Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM supplements are one of their best inventions.
Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM contains the correct types and exact amounts of nitrogen and other key nutrients that lead to vigorous growth and prepare you for a highly productive flowering phase.
Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM feeds your crops with the phosphorus, potassium and other organic extracts your plants need to give you maximized yields of the highest quality buds and flowers possible.

Here are five good reasons why these Super Teas give you exactly what you want from your cultivation:
• Unlike other formulas, Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM blends are truly 100% organic, so they give you good harvests and of greater value.
Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM blends because they are guaranteed to be 100% real organic ingredients and, just as importantly, contain no synthetic additives
• get an extraction process that guarantees the biological purity of organic extracts to ensure optimized growth rates and yields from your crop cycles
• ingredients that enhance flowering, so you can guarantee the full potential of your plants. Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM contains alfalfa extracts rich in chlorophyll and at least 80 other organic substances that enhance plants (such as earthworm humus and algae) so that your plants are fed with complex vitamins, potassium, phosphorus and other energy nutrients that make for vigorous, lush growth and tastier buds with exceptional color and taste and an extraordinary scent.
• Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM can be used in any hydroponic growing system or all types of substrates.
• You get absolutely all the benefits of supplementing your current fertilizer and feeding, with organics without any downsides. This is possible because adding these supplements to your current cycle combines 100% organic ingredients, in their purist form, and other growth and flowering enhancing ingredients. Get perfect growth and an impressive harvest.

How to use: mix 2ml in 1L water

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