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Bud Ignitor is a very powerful bloom stimulator from Advanced Nutrients; it is capable of "tripling" the number of flowers that the plant produces, increasing the number of nodes from which the buds and subsequently the flowers develop.

All this happens thanks to the action of Bud Ignitor which manages to create an accumulation of potassium and phosphorus, the main elements used by the plant for a healthy and incredibly luxuriant flowering.

Helps the plant absorb more phosphorus and potassium for flowering

Just to get an idea: instead of seeing only 25 to 55% of the branch nodes turn into flower, you will see 65 to 97% of the nodes show small buds, and all this in a much shorter time. On average, you will get 27% more buds per plant. The buds will then evolve into much denser floral structures than normal. Not only will you get more flowers, you will also save time as the buds sprout faster (19% more) than normal.

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