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Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X's new flowering stimulator contains bio-active ingredients that stimulate the plant's maximum production of essential oils, terpenoids and resin during the flowering period, thereby improving the aroma and taste of the fruit.

The nitrogen and vitamin B contained in the special formula of Bud Factor X also favour the development of the root system, especially if it is used in synergy with Piranha, Voodoo Juice and Tarantula.

Bud Factor X is combined with basic nutrients and administered to the plant starting from the first part of flowering, for a high level of resin secretion throughout the flowering phase.

• triggers plants to maximize their ability to produce essential oils and resins
• provides nutrition for beneficial microbes in the root zone
• increases the value of crops grown for their essential oil contents, giving maximum yield of the desired active compounds

During the flowering phase, 2ml per litre of water. It can be sprayed directly on the flowers with the lights off or at sunset.

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