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So many of our organic growers, it’s become the single most important additive for maximizing the potential of their feeding program.
When you add OG Organics Ancient Earth to your nutrient , you’re unleashing the power of Earth’s ancient wisdom into your crops.

And here’s why it matters:
Your long-chain humic acids will work primarily on the root zone, optimizing conditions for a highly efficient underground network.
In the meantime, short-chain humic acids can enter your plants’ tissues and optimize conditions for plant growth, supporting critical functions for vigorous vegetation and flowering.
And when you put them together, you tap into a wellspring of plant potential from one single ancient source.

•Better nutrient absorption from your fertilizer
•Improved root zone structure and increased root formation
•Greater pH stabilization in root zone
•Greater resistance to abiotic environmental stresses
•Now, we could keep it there, and it would already be a no-brainer to most educated growers to consider adding this product to their gardens.

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