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Trimming Tray
How to Use Kief Collector Trim Tray
Using Curved Tip Titanium Trimming Scissors, trim as per usual with the collector tray as your work surface. The tray may be used on a tabletop, or place comfortably in a laptop position.
Once trimming is complete, and you've removed the finished bud from the work surface, it's time to shake out the remaining trichomes from the shake. Using your hand gently rub the leftover material around the surface of the fine mesh filter. You aren't trying to grind it through the filter, as the crystals are fine enough to fall through naturally. You can also shake the tray gently back and forth, to move the trim around across the filter.
After a minute or so, remove the filter, to reveal the kief sprinkled over the tray below.
Use a soft scraper to collect the kief. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
What to Do With Kief?
To the untrained eye, kief might not look that valuable, but to most cannabis lovers, it's gold dust. Sprinkled in a joint or in a bowl, it's an added layer of potency. It contains a big-dose of flavor and of course, a burst of potency. But it's not just for sprinkling.
Washable (ideally with isopropanol)
The Top and Bottom Bins can both easily be cleaned with a soft cloth and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Apply rubbing alcohol liberally to a soft cloth and wipe the bin until it is clean, then rinse with fresh water and let air dry.
Easily replaceable mesh
A5 size, makes it ideal for beginner or intermediate yields
Approx 148.5 x 210 mm, A5

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