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SimbioSoil Plus is a fertilizer with biostimulant microorganisms, 100% vegetable and suitable for Organic Agriculture.

Mainly it acts as a regenerator and microbiological activator, restoring the balance of the substrate microbiota.

Saprophytic fungi and Rhizosphere Bacteria colonize the substrate and the root system working in Symbiosis, providing:

-Stimulates the growth and vigor of plants.
-Increases the capacity of plants for the assimilation of nutrients.
-Increases the resistance of plants to any type of stress.
-Regenerates and reactivates the biodiversity of the substrate

Dosage and instructions for use.

To activate SimbioSoil Plus, it is necessary to water after each application.

In pot:
-New substrate: 5-10gr / liter. Mix with the substrate, leaving a part to be applied near the roots during the transplant work.
-Used substrate: 10-15gr / liter. Clean the substrate from roots, apply SimbioSoil Plus, mixing until it is homogeneous.

In the ground:
-Apply 300-400gr / m2. Mix with the surface layer by burying 2-3cm.

Mother plants:
-5gr / liter. Aerate the upper part of the substrate and apply mixing until it is homogeneous. It can be repeated every 6 months.

-5-10gr. per transplant hole.

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