ROOT RIOT - 50 cubes for germination & cuttings

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ROOT RIOT the top of the range of growth substrates

The ROOT RIOT cubes are supplied to you already moist (if they are dry, immerse them only in a bowl of lukewarm water).

The cubes should be spongy, moist but. not soggy.

Ideally, the cubes should be used at room temperature. Unused cubes should be wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent them from drying out.


Select the healthiest and most vigorous plants to take cuttings from. Most species can be taken from healthy growth in soft wood. Take the cuttings by cutting the stems diagonally below a node (start of branch). Leave a few leaves on the cuttings, immerse the stem of the cutting in a spoon or a small container filled with your typical rooting hormone (clonex-clonfix-juicy roots) then place them carefully in the hole of the Root Riot cube, provided for this effect.

Don't push the cutting too far into the cube, just deep enough for it to stand up. Then spray your cuttings with water and cover the tray with a transparent lid to increase the humidity.

Delivered in a bag of 50 RootRiot pieces .

Growing medium cubes made from fully biodegradable organic materials. These cellular sponges ensure perfect circulation between air and water, with excellent retention. Their spongy texture offers superior oxygenation of the root zone while protecting the plant during transport or during temperature fluctuations. You can mix them with your garden soil, they will break down to release their natural components and feed your soil with organic minerals.

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