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For healthier and more vigorous plants - 100% 90% pure Neem oil.
Liquid to dilute - Up to 3500 m2 - Up to 50 liters of solution

Neem oil for plants, 100% natural and biodegradable, cold pressed, soluble in water. Applied on plants, it improves their overall health, increasing its natural resistance to infestations and diseases. It is ecological and safe for the environment. It is not toxic to mammals, birds and aquatic animals.

How to use it
mix 5-15 ml of Neem Oil in one liter of water, about 7-12 ml per m2. The dosage must be adapted according to the size of the plants, the need for the plants and the volume of water necessary to spray the entire plant. It can be applied to any stage of plant development. It is recommended to allow at least 48 hours to pass from the treatment before the consumption of the treated plants.

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