Bullfan - Fan Controller 4 Amp - Temperature and Ventilation Controller

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Bullfilter presents its new range specialized in climate management , BullFan controller. Take control of your ventilation system, all automatically and very easy to use.

The Fan Controller allows you to control the temperature and the minimum speed of your ventilation.

The advantages of the Fan Controller:

  • Determine a maximum temperature not to be exceeded
  • Automatic adjustment of the fan or extractor speed according to the temperature level.
  • Very easy to use
  • Supplied with an external temperature probe.

How it works ? 

  • Simply plug your extractor into the box socket.
  • Indicate the temperature using the first potentiometer.
  • Regulate the desired speed with the second potentiometer.

Then, your extractor or intractor will be guided by the thermostat which will start or stop its ventilation according to the needs, or the fluctuations, climatic of your space.

Fan Controller Features:

  • Thermostat: 10 - 40°C
  • Max load: 4 Amp
  • Voltage: 220/240V - 50Hz
  • Type of protection: IP 44
  • 5 meter probe

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