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Bluelab - EC MC & Temperature probe - Pulse counter -

Quickly measure nutrients (measured by conductivity), moisture and temperature directly in the root zone, simply by planting the sensor in the soil or substrate to be monitored

Stay in control with the Pulse app for automated data collection, measurement comparison, storage and export. The app is available on both Android and iOS

Works on a wide range of growing media including coir, potting soil and nutrient solution.

Measure, compare and correct faster than before. Get a higher yield, reduce shrinkage and grow healthier plants.

Thanks to Pulse you will have the health of the plants in the palm of your hands

This product from Bluelab will allow you to:

  • Know the humidity levels in order to optimize irrigation cycles and water consumption  and also control the risk of root infections.
  • Know the level of nutrients to optimize growth and ensure the right amount of nutrients for the growth stage of your plants.
  • Know the temperature in order to optimize the functioning of the roots and  identify temperature fluctuations to  control the health of organic products.

Features : 

  • Measures conductivity, humidity and temperature
  • Probe length 200mm
  • Probe Separation 50mm / 2"
  • Active sensor length 50 mm
  • Pot minimum 2 liters
  • Android version 5.1 and later
  • Bluetooth version 4.0 and later
  • iOS 12.1+ (iPhone only)
  • Power supply 1 AA battery

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