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Aquaking pre-pressure sprayer to carry out disinsection, foliar fertilization and disease treatment in your indoor cultivation.

An indispensable tool that every grower should have on hand. Dutch made and available in various sizes to meet the needs of the small producer or larger plantations.

This excellent sprayer uses a pressure system in which the user pumps a plunger inserted in the lid, achieving up to, depending on the model, 5 bar of pre-pressure. Then just press the trigger trigger for spraying to take place. You can even lock the button and thus not have to squeeze your finger during the process.

Aquaking sprayers are very practical and comfortable accessories to use in any garden. Depending on the model, its capacity in liters ranges from 2 to 8 L of its largest tank, capable of wetting up to 1500 m2 of surface. Except for the smallest, the Aquakings have an irrigation wand equipped with a regulating nozzle and a safety valve. Also, a strap-like hanger to facilitate transport and use.

On the other hand, the ergonomic design of both the grip and pump handle, as well as the handle of the irrigation wand, contributes to the effective performance of spraying and fertilization tasks.

All models have a practical volume scale engraved on the tank to facilitate the handling of the dosages of the applied products. A way not to go wrong with the measurements. A filter installed at the tip of the inner suction tube takes care not to clog the outlet with traces of precipitates from fertilizers or other application products. And a safety valve to be able to reduce the pressure if necessary.

The variety of size of the Aquaking prepressure range makes these sprayers an indispensable resource for both domestic use and for greenhouses or larger surfaces. A simple but irreplaceable utensil that can last you a lifetime.

How to use:

  1. Just make sure of the dose of product indicated by the manufacturer and add it to the tank of your Aquaking sprayer.
  2. Complete with water using the tank level rule up to the required proportion.
  3. Close the tank lid.
  4. Operate the plunger up and down until you feel that movement begins to feel difficult from pressure.

Note: It is recommended to depressurize the Aquaking after each use, unscrewing the cap or using the safety valve, as well as periodically cleaning the regulating nozzle.


Available models:

1.5 two Not Not
3 5 Yes Yes
5 8 Yes Yes

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